Community Asset Mapping

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Empowering through Community Asset Mapping

 “Community Asset mapping” helps communities discover their potentials by identifying resources, strengths, and capacities. It’s a collaborative effort between community members, local organizations, government agencies, and others. This includes surveys, interviews, and focus groups to identify assets and resources, creating maps or visuals, and sharing information. Asset mapping can be used to identify assets, build partnerships, advocate for resources, celebrate strengths, and inform decision-making on development and planning.

  • Unveil Hidden Support Systems. Asset mapping reveals local organizations, grassroots initiatives, and passionate individuals working tirelessly to uplift the community. This empowers residents to forge partnerships, access vital services, and enhance overall well-being. It sheds light on the strengths and support systems that may have gone unnoticed, fostering hope and resilience.
  • Strengthen Local Economies. The process uncovers economic opportunities: local businesses, skilled artisans, and aspiring entrepreneurs who drive economic growth and generate employment. By supporting and promoting these enterprises, asset mapping contributes to local economic development. This enhances financial stability and improves the quality of life.
  • Foster Collaboration and Resource Mobilization. The process also encourages collaboration, enabling collective action. By identifying existing talents, skills, and assets, residents can leverage each other’s strengths and mobilize resources for community-driven projects. Collaborative efforts address pressing needs such as affordable housing, healthcare access, education, and job training, creating sustainable solutions that uplift the entire community.

What is Community Asset Mapping? Video from Herding Together describes the process of this community building tool. 4 min.

From Needs to Assets: John McKnight talks about how this approach to community building focuses on identifying and using community assets rather than just addressing community needs. 56 min.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Community Asset Mapping

Great portal from the folks at DePaul University. Includes training videos and podcasts.

asset mapping in communities

From Community Tool Box: Identifying Community Assets and Resources

Practical tools that “identify community assets and resources, and how to engage them in the community change effort.”