Acceleration Portals for World Changers

Symbols and Change

Symbols are everywhere, in street names, money and flags. How can they advance our cause?


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Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures are a set of facilitation techniques that help people work together more effectively and efficiently.


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Why Native Plants?

Rewilding and planting natives is critical for survival of most species, including humans — for future generations.


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Reframing Problems

Solving the wrong problem can send you down a rabbit hole. Instead, consider reframing your challenge.



The meek won’t change the world. We are all called to be more audacious.  


spread ideas new ideas how do they spread

How Do Ideas Spread?

What’s more powerful than expanding a practice that improves life?


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Wicked Problems

Wicked problems aren’t easy to describe, have many causes, and are hard or impossible to “solve.” 


bold goal nonprofit bhag audacious goal

Bold Goals

The superpower of a bold goal is its ability to focus and align thoughts and actions over time. 


Appreciative Inquiry

A process of inquiry and dialogue, AI focuses on peoples’ and groups strengths, successes, and potential.


facilitation tools, liberating structures

Positive Deviance

In facing a social challenge, PD says look for any outliers who found a solution through a successful behavior.


spread ideas new ideas how do they spread

Design Thinking

Design thinking uses collaboration, experimenting, iteration, user-centricity, and empathy to solve challenges.
bold goal nonprofit bhag audacious goal

Done is Better than Perfect

As you create projects and campaigns to improve the world, don’t shoot for perfect: go for the done.

The Mighty Message

Tell your stories, present your case, call us to action through all kinds of media. Your words can change the world!


Kaizen means good change—making small improvements to any kind of work that over time add up to create dramatic results.

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The Flywheel

This framework can help causes grow by creating a self-sustaining cycle of positive momentum.
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Exploring Possibilities

How do you discover ways to improve your program, or even a breakthrough? You have more resources than you think. And there are many time-tested approaches that boost our chances of success.



The marketing exchange: cookies for…

The marketing exchange: cookies for…

By Tom Peterson One day driving on a busy street in my neighborhood, I noticed a couple of kids in their yard holding up signs, flagging down cars. A few adults sat nearby in lawn chairs watching and laughing. I was about to keep going when I realized what was...

10 ways to be audacious

10 ways to be audacious

Most of us aren’t naturally bold. Fortunately, audacity is an attitude to be nurtured and a skill that can be learned. Audacity for its own sake is not the point. It’s not about being loud and wearing a large yellow hat to stand out in the crowd (although if you want...

More audacity needed to save democracy, the Earth!

More audacity needed to save democracy, the Earth!

ORDER the Book HERE Democracy at risk. Last chance to save the world. Enormous gap between the ultra-rich and billions of struggling people. Huge needs in every community. In Want to Change the World Tom Peterson celebrates the giant Movement that is taking...

The Book: Want to Change the World?

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