The Mighty Message

Your cause depends on communication. This starts with a relationship—knowing your audience. What’s the best message? And what’s the best way to get it to them?

Audience is Hero!

In Resonate, Nancy Duarte offers this communications nugget: “You are not the hero who will save the audience, the audience is your hero.” This shifts how we understand our role can transform our ability to connect with supporters. Challenge your audience to embark on a hero’s journey—and then provide some help for that journey.

Mission Statements that Don’t Suck!

This short video from Dan Heath should inform all of our messaging.

The Power of Naming

A new practice starts somewhere. It’s then shared among neighbors, at conferences, in blogs or books. It begins to take root, and someone along the way gives it a name that sticks: slow food, cage-free eggs, fallen fruit,  food miles. Says Douglas Gayeton: “If you learn one word you can actually shift people’s consciousness, you can entire industry.”

Video: Save the Library!

Watch this brilliant 3-minute video. It’s a well-crafted campaign reponding to a strong anti-tax effort. From posting yard signs to international attention. All to save the library in Troy, Michigan.

Made to Stick

To stand out, you’ll have to do something different. Brothers Chip and Dan Heath help us see how to grab some attention for our causes and how make thet message stick. The authors show us how to find arresting ways to present our messages.


Nancy Duarte’s Resonate. To communicate effectively, study this book. Duarte shows what makes a presentation powerful and compelling. If you’re trying to change the world, perhaps the most important advice comes from Duarte: “You are not the hero who will save the audience, the audience is your hero.”