Democracy at risk. Last chance to save the world. Enormous gap between the ultra-rich and billions of struggling people. Huge needs in every community. In Want to Change the World Tom Peterson celebrates the giant Movement that is taking on these challenges. But to meet the urgency of the day, he says, we all need to be more audacious. 

Here are Peterson’s “things to think about” if you want to change the world: The call for audacity. The power of a bold goal. How ideas emerge and spread. The daily slog. How to grow your cause. Creating a mighty message. Brands, names, symbols. Exploring growth possibilities. Finding and creating community. Taking on the ogres that guard against progress. And why is the firefly a symbol of great hope?

A leader in nonprofit strategy and marketing, for almost two decades Tom Peterson headed marketing and communications at Heifer International. Under his leadership annual marketing revenue grew from $3 million in 1992 to $90 million in 2008. During Peterson’s tenure Heifer went from a relatively unknown group to being featured in The New York TimesFast CompanyThe Oprah Winfrey ShowCNN60 Minutes and West Wing. Peterson teaches marketing for nonprofits at the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock.

Want to Change the World? offers ways nonprofits and causes can accelerate their impact, along with stories of those who have changed the world through their ideas and bold acts. One or two of these may lead the reader down a path that changes the game.

Want to Change the World? Stakeholder Press, 2022. $16.99